••CELLOPHANE OFF OR ON?•• The cellophane wrappers on cigars are permeable, allowing oxygen to pass from the inside of your humidor to your cigars. Air and humidity will pass through the wrapper membrane (VERY SLOWLY), since the cello is preventing direct contact with the cedar lining. The cellophane provides protection from rubbing other cigars in your humidor A well-aged…Read Full Article

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Q&A with Christopher Moore, Owner of Carolina Blue Cigars

Tell us a little bit about yourself I am originally from NYC I lived in the Bronx in my Childhood and Queens in my older years I also spent quite a lot of time in Eastern NC in my teen age years. I can say my roots are from North Carolina since I spent most…Read Full Article

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Q&A with Ryan F. Rodriguez of Ohana Cigars

Q&A with Ryan Rodriguez, Owner of Ohana Cigars

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am first a father, and second a cigar lover, manufacturer. I’ve been involved in the industry for around 15 years in some shape or form, starting in the retail side of things, where my passion started, and my obsessive nature had me researching and learning as much…Read Full Article

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Caleanoch 25 | Hammer & Sickle Cigars

We (Smooth Draw Cigars) helped sponsor a charity event for Warriors for Freedom this weekend which benefits our Veterans and service men and women. During the event, we setup a table which had a scotch and cigar pairing booth. I felt this was perfect timing to try this cigar! This Scotch tasting cigar is filled…Read Full Article

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