NEW EVENT IN OKC! Battleground Cigars at The Yard

Join us in support the small batch cigar brand, Battleground Cigar Saturday, July 20th! Battleground Cigar, founded in Hazardville CT by Michael Tarnowicz in 2000. Is are a boutique cigar created with the beautiful history of our home state Connecticut and our vast surroundings of U.S. History. We are an honest family owned business ,…Read Full Article

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The Story of Opalo 1979

Opalo 1979 started with 2 friends and neighbors, who knew each other since the day they were born. We attended the same school, share the same friends and treated each other as brothers. “As we were growing up, we saw our parents hanging out and always enjoying a good cigar. We were always intrigued by…Read Full Article

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••CELLOPHANE OFF OR ON?•• The cellophane wrappers on cigars are permeable, allowing oxygen to pass from the inside of your humidor to your cigars. Air and humidity will pass through the wrapper membrane (VERY SLOWLY), since the cello is preventing direct contact with the cedar lining. The cellophane provides protection from rubbing other cigars in your humidor A well-aged…Read Full Article

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Q&A with Christopher Moore, Owner of Carolina Blue Cigars

Tell us a little bit about yourself I am originally from NYC I lived in the Bronx in my Childhood and Queens in my older years I also spent quite a lot of time in Eastern NC in my teen age years. I can say my roots are from North Carolina since I spent most…Read Full Article

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