Intrigued with finding excellent and rare cigars, Garrett Johnson found himself searching for ultra-boutique cigars. Upon this search, he discovered several rare high quality brands. In 2016, Johnson started reviewing various cigars online. His goal was simple: provide exposure for these wonderfully crafted & not-so-well known cigar brands. What started as a fun hobby has cultivated to what is now SmoothDrawCigars.com.

“I wanted to change the paradigm that is boutique online sales. So, I created a new style of purchasing which allows customers to mix and match different cigars with no minimum. Most online cigar retailers make you select one type of 5 or 10 pack of the same cigar. Our process enables our customers to try a variety of new cigars or select the cigars they prefer–it’s all about our customer’s preference. This also makes searching for gifts for birthdays and other special occasions a lot easier!”

Smooth Draw Cigars have established relationships with several distributors, able to get humidors (of various sizes), cutters, lighters, ashtrays, and other various cigar-related essentials. Smooth Draw sets itself apart from its competitors by reviewing all of its cigars it sells to make sure they are good enough to sell to consumers. Mr. Johnson says it’s their own form of quality testing. These reviews also will give customers and idea of what to expect before purchasing.

“Smooth Draw Cigars is unique in that we offer several rare and hard-to-find cigars. We are the only retailer in the United States that sells the following cigars:

  • Kolumbus Cigars from La Palma, Spain
  • Gloria Bendita from The Dominican Republic
  • Om Mani Gold Label Line of cigars from Honduras

As always, thanks for stopping by and Happy Smoking!