The Story of Opalo 1979

Opalo 1979 started with 2 friends and neighbors, who knew each other since the day they were born. We attended the same school, share the same friends and treated each other as brothers.

“As we were growing up, we saw our parents hanging out and always enjoying a good cigar. We were always intrigued by the taste of those cigars.”  -Julio Aguilar, Owner

“As teenagers, we started to smoke cigars, not as often as we do now, but always looking for the same pleasure. The first cigar we ever smoked was a “Don Melo”, and from then on, we always dreamed about having our own cigar brand, up until 2 years ago that we started our own business.

We chose Ópalo1979, as our name, because Opalo is a precious stone that only a few countries around the world have, and Honduras is one those countries, and we wanted our cigars to be as unique as Opalo, and the year 1979 is in reference to the year both of us were born.

Our most selling vitolas are Toro, Robusto and Corona, and at the moment we are incursioning in the European market.

We believe Smooth Draw Cigars, are our best ally for two reasons; they are an online store so they give the opportunity to reach nationwide customers, and they only sell boutique brands.”


  • Location: Honduran Tobacco
  • Strength: Medium
  • Wrapper: Habano
  • Binder and filler: Honduran
  • Details: Cedar, cocoa, leather and chestnuts. Smooth and gives off a dense and creamy smoke perfect to delight



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