Gloria Bendita Oscura Toro

gloria bendita review oscura Jonathan C Bryan

Cigar Specs and Brand

  • Vitola: Toro
  • Length: 6
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Wrapper: San Andres
  • Binder: Dominican
  • Filler: Dominican
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Before the Smoke

Drink Pairing: Laphroaig 10-year single malt scotch

Pre-light: The cigar has a toothy feel to it, some veins here and there. Construction quality of the cigar is fair, slight crack in the wrapper towards the middle. Which is fine, that usually fixes itself when it is lit. On the cold draw, I noticed it was very heavy on the hay, with slight hints of cedar and white pepper.

First Third

Heavy notes of cedar, dark chocolate (as expected from such a dark wrapper) and graham cracker on the retro-hale.  Smoke output is really good…. Like, really good.  If you wanted to recreate a poker scene from The Sopranos, this would be the cigar to do it.  Very even burn considering the 10-15 mph winds.  While getting closer to the second third, I am getting leather and nuttiness.  The dark chocolate has turned to a slight bitterness that you would get if you didn’t add enough milk to hot chocolate powder.

Second Third

Still impressed with the smoke output.  The hot chocolate powder bitterness has mellowed into toast, but dark chocolate is still there on the first part of the draw.  Now that I am getting about halfway down, the black pepper is starting to develop. The initial crack has now fixed itself, even burn throughout, I have yet to touch up or relight.

Final Third

Toast and cedar are the main profiles that I am getting towards the end.  There is still black pepper towards the back of the tongue.  However, I will say that I was expecting more of pepper since both binder and filler are Dominican.  That being said, the last 5-7 draws were very peppery.  But that is probably because the tobacco is burning much hotter.

Final Thoughts

Woodsy, chocolatey, and full of complexity.  This was a medium-full cigar no doubt.  I was delighted at the fact that it wasn’t too heavy on the pepper.  Pairing this with a peaty scotch such as Laphroaig was a great decision.  The smokiness of the Laphroaig and the complexity of the Gloria blended quite well and evened each other out.  If you were to pair a drink with this cigar, I would highly recommend something stronger such as a peaty scotch, bourbon or a Jamaican Rum (Jamaican Rum typically has a little more spice to it).  If you do not pair a drink with this cigar, I would recommend eating a full meal beforehand (it does get pretty heavy towards the end).

Final Smoking Duration: 1:30

Jonathan’s Rating: 89    

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