Habana Robusto | DAV CIGARS


Cigar Specs and Brand

  • Vitola: Robusto
  • Length: 50
  • Ring Gauge: 5
  • Strength: Medium
  • Wrapper: Habana 2000 Ecuador
  • Binder: Capote Olor Dominicana
  • Filler: Piloto Cubano, Crillo 98, Habana 2020
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  • Located in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Before the Smoke

Very oily dark brown wrapper. Visible veins. No visible defects.

Cold Draw

Black pepper on the first few cold draws which lingers on the lips. Hay and earth.

First Third

Immediate black pepper and spice. Hay and earth are present as well. A very pleasant natural tobacco note also present. I smoked it in my local cigar shop and it gave off a very nice aroma in the room.

The burn line started off just a little wavy at first but corrected itself by the end of the first third.

The amount of smoke was pleasant. Very smooth draw and pleasant peppery retro-hale.

Finished with notes of cedar, earth, and a hint of chocolate came in to play towards the end of the first third.

Second Third

The cedar and chocolate were a great pair! It provided a very flavorful taste on the palate.

During the middle of the second third, I noted the chocolate became more prevalent and prevailed the cedar and black pepper.

The black pepper seemed to dissipate.

The burn line became just a little wavy but no issues whatsoever.

I really enjoyed the retrohale at this point–full of chocolate and cedar.

Once again, the amount of smoke put off was great as was the draw. Nice and easy.

DAV CIGARS Smooth Draw Cigars

Final Third

The black pepper came back just a little but. It had me fooled. I really thought it was going to stay around longer but seemed to disappear after a few puffs into the final third.

The chocolate note was in full force at this point. This provided a very enjoyable chocolaty flavor on the tongue.

Still in the background, the cedar still made it’s way to the palate after each puff.

Final Thoughts

Although not complex, it had a very enjoyable flavor and note profile–sometimes that’s exactly what you want in a cigar!

The retrohale was very enjoyable. I really liked the chocolate profile of this cigar.

Throughout all thirds, it provides a great smoke cloud and never showed signs up plugs or tight draws. This is a testament to the craftsmanship of their master rollers.

Very enjoyable, very tasty… kudos to DAV CIGARS and thank you for allowing me to try your cigars!

Stay tuned for some other reviews of DAV CIGARS soon!