Caleanoch 25 | Hammer & Sickle Cigars

Cigar Specs and Brand

  • Vitola: Toro
  • Length: 6
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Strength: Medium-Full
  • Wrapper: Habano
  • Binder: Corojo
  • Filler: Dominican
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Before the Smoke

This incredibly unique cigar comes in a distinctive red tartan sleeve. The Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper is flawless. Very smooth and leathery to the touch.

Cold Draw

One of the most peculiar smells come from this cigar. Off the bat, notes of wet grass and wheat and dirt.....yes, dirt. Sometimes the notes in the cold draw and smell before the cigar is lit up are super surprising. In this case, this one was very interesting.

The cold draw had similar notes-- dry wheat, cedar, spice which lingered on the lips, and again, dirt.

First Third

First few notes present were brought on by a pepper bomb. Black and white pepper were present throughout the retro-hale. I noted they seemed to play against one another. One puff was black pepper and the next was white.

I’m sure this is the peat in infusion, but the cigar left a dryness on the palate. Not a bad dryness like cotton mouth, but more of a dryness after sipping on a very peaty scotch.

As the first third progressed, notes of cedar, scotch, a graham cracker and oats. Some puffs left a very smoky flavor on the palate.

Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 25 Smooth Draw Cigars

Second Third

The pepper and spice totally vanished. There was still a little dry taste on the palate but was complimented by the oat and graham cracker notes.

The retro-hale was sweet and spicy with oak and graham cracker.

The burn line was mostly sharp.

Note change: leather and oak became the forefront of the cigar with the sweet graham cracker-like note on the finish.

Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 25 Smooth Draw Cigars

Final Third

The pepper and spice came back with a vengeance. What was very interesting is the final third seemed to encompass all of the previous notes.

The burn line was as sharp as an arrow.

The retrohale was  full of another pepper and spice bomb with a very sweet after taste.

Hammer & Sickle The Caleanoch 25

Final Thoughts

This is the world’s first peat-fire cured cigar. I came into it not knowing what to expect but loved every moment of the smoke from the first to the final third.

The notes on the cold draw were a little scary, haha.  The fact that I notated the cigar gave off a smell of dirt made me a little curious and skeptical how the cigar would smoke and taste. Boy was I in for a treat, though.

I really enjoyed the notes–specifically the way the black and white peppers played against one another and the sweetness throughout. The next one I have will definitely be paired with a scotch.


  • $12.65 for a Single
  • $134.99 for canister of 12


Purchase Cigar

We (Smooth Draw Cigars) helped sponsor a charity event for Warriors for Freedom this weekend which benefits our Veterans and service men and women. During the event, we setup a table which had a scotch and cigar pairing booth. I felt this was perfect timing to try this cigar!

This Scotch tasting cigar is filled with 25 percent of peat-fired Corojo and 25 percent of air-cured Corojo creating a perfect balance of sweetness and notes reminiscent of a softly peated scotch from Islay. Draped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Caleanoch 50 delivers a smooth finish, astonishing flavor, and an experience scotch and cigar lovers will 100% enjoy.

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