The Dark Knight by ChaliceGod13th

Dark Knight ChaliceGod 13

Cigar Specs and Brand

  • Vitola: Box Press
  • Length: 6
  • Ring Gauge: 48
  • Strength: Medium-Full
  • Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
  • Binder: Limited Peruvian and Dominican
  • Filler: Limited Peruvian and Dominican
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Before the Smoke

Rich and dark in color. Immediate aroma of barnyard and hay. Beautifully wrapped and box-pressed.

Cold Draw

A very distinct note of barnyard followed by a sweet pepper and spice which lingered on the lips. After a few additional puffs, a few notes of raisins and leather were also present.

The cold draw was smooth. Like, REALLY smooth. Have you ever performed a cold draw on a Padron 1964?--yes, that smooth. This got me very excited. I've smoked several other cigars created by Trent (ChaliceGod 13's owner), but I was especially excited to try this dark maduro.

First Third

This cigar’s first third was extremely impressive. Once again, the draw was one of the easiest draws.

I immediately picked up on notes of cedar and natural tobacco. There were additional notes of raisins, leather, and spice. To my surprise, there was no pepper– not yet any way.

This was one of those smokes where I had to literally sit the cigar down and look away. Sometimes, I get a little excited and want to keep puffing. A good cigar needs to rest (hence the name, cigar rest).

By the end of the first third, it remained smooth. All notes previously mentioned were still at play. I was digging it.

Second Third

Okay, this is crazy. I know this is crazy but this cigar’s cedar morphed into a sweet sugary cedar. It’s a little bizarre, but not a bad bizarre. The leather, raisins, and spice were still there–especially on the retrohale. Let’s talk about the retrohale for a second. Wow! Incredibly smooth, a subtle sweetness and a dash of spice. Again, I kept having to literally remind myself to put the cigar down.

The burn line began to get a little wavy. If you’ve read any of our previous reviews, you know that waviness is not an issue unless its changes the way the cigar smokes, draws, and burns. In this case, it nicely corrected itself by the end of the 2nd third.


Final Third

This cigar was still smoking like a champ. The draw remained extremely smooth and free. The burn line was sharp and corrected itself in the last third.

The notes remained the same but the spice came back a little bit. It reminded us it wasn’t done yet.

At the end of the cigar. I was impressed. The construction, the draw, the notes, the medium to full body of the smoke.

Final Thoughts

I’m not exactly sure why I was so impressed. I’ve smoked several other cigars from this brand, including the 5 Pack Sampler among a few others by ChaliceGod 13. It must have been the anticipation. Although I try not to be subjective or biased when reviewing, I am human…. and this human loves a good maduro.

The draw was extremely impressive throughout the entire cigar. If you were paying attention, yes, I compared it to a Padron–by far one of the top cigars in the industry. Has anyone ever had a bad Padron?

The Final Thought on this cigar is that I was impressed. I was excited from the very first click of my lighter to the last puff of the cigar. It isn’t every day that a cigar can excite you. So, there is something unique about this one. Find out for yourself!

Price: This cigar is only $11.00 a stick.

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